HISTORICAL Oregon Wineries


Mountain View Winery

Mountain View Winery was founded by Albert Debons in Bend, Oregon.  In 1991 Bend was better known for skiing and outdoor activities, and not for wineries.  However Debons wanted to live in Bend, and being a self-taught home winemaker, he decided to establish a commercial winery there.  Debons relocated to Bend from the East Coast where he had retired from a career in scientific research.

Mountain View produced several hundred cases of wine each year.  Grapes were sourced from the Rogue, Willamette, and Columbia valleys.  The wines were available mainly at the tasting room and local restaurants.


Fun Facts

First Winery in Bend, Oregon

The winery was located at 22899 Alfalfa Market Road, Bend OR 97701. It is not known the date of Mountain View’s last vintage.