HISTORICAL Oregon Wineries


Stringer's Orchard Winery (1984-late 1980’s?)

Owner/winemaker John Stringer reportedly called his winery “the only wild plum winery in the world”. Stringer produced only plum wines (five different types) from 14 acres of plum orchards.

The winery was located in Oregon. The orchards were located across the border in Modoc County, California. The orchards and tasting room were about 15 miles south of Lakeview, Oregon, at 5,000 feet elevation.

It’s a pretty area but probably few tourists seeking only wine would venture into this part of the state.

Until Stringer got excited about making plum wines he either made or sold his plums for jams, jellies, and other plum related sweets.

How long the winery operated or how popular the plum wine was isn’t known.

The winery’s address was P.O. Box 191, New Pine Creek, OR 97635.


Fun Facts

The winery opened in 1984 with production of over 5,000 gallons. The wine was said to be “quite different”.

Stringers Orchard Wild Plum Wine