Pioneering Oregon Vineyards


Archibald Vineyard

In 1971 Bill and Bessie Archibald purchased twenty (20) acres of land on Worden Hill Road near Dundee with the idea of planting a vineyard and building a house.  Over the next few years five acres were planted and the house built in 1972. 

The couple were native Canadians and had previously worked internationally in South Africa as well as Montreal and Portland.  Bill was an engineer specializing in the pulp and paper industry.

In the early 1900’s the property purchased by the Archibald’s was owned by the Herring family and used to grow strawberries.  The Archibald’s sold the property in 1988 to Archery Summit Winery and the vineyard is now known as the “Arcus Vineyard”.


Fun Facts

Generally California Pinot Noir wines are rich in fruit character and tend to have alcohol levels higher than other well-known Pinot Noir growing regions. The reason for this is that in California vintages are more susceptible to warm weather at the end of the growing season so the grapes tend to be harvested with a high degree of ripeness.