Historical Editorials



Adams Vineyard >>Rex Hill Vineyards
Autumn Wind Vineyard>>Patricia Green Winery
Bjelland Vineyards>>Davidson Winery
Bear Creek Winery>>Bridgeview Vineyard
Callahan Ridge Winery>>Champagne Creek
Chehalem Mountain Winery >> Mulhausen Winery
Chateau Benoit >> Anna Amie Winery
Charles Coury Winery>>Reuter’s Hill Vineyard
Crochad>>Argyle Winery
Cuneo Cellars>>Cana’s Feast Winery
Dundee Springs>>Four Graces Winery
Dundee Wine Company>>Argyle Winery
Eden Valley Orchards>>Griffin Creek
Farmer Road Winery>>Stone Wolfe Cellars
Fisher Family Cellars>>ADEA Wine Company
Flerchinger Vineyards>> Cathedral Ridge
Forgeron Vineyard>>LaVelle Vineyards
Garden Valley Winery>>Callahan Ridge Winery
Griffin Creek>>Willamette Valley Vineyards
Gypsy Dancer>>Ardiri Winery
Hidden Springs Winery>>Cuneo Cellars
Jonicole Vineyards>>LaGarza Cellars
Knudsen Erath Winery>>Erath Vineyards
LaGarza Cellars>>Spangler Vineyards
Linnton (label)>>Starr Winery
Lion Valley Vineyards>>Gypsy Dancer
Lumiere/Heritage (labels)>>Rogue River Vineyards
Marquam Hill Vineyards>>Alexeli Winery
Nisqually Ridge (label)>>Chateau Benoit
Oak Grove Vineyards>>Eola Hills Winery
Red Hills>>Arterberry Winery
Rex Hill Winery>>A to Z Wineworks
Reuter’s Hill Vineyard>>Reuter Hill Winery
Schwarzenberg Vineyards>>William Hill Vineyards
Secret House Winery>>Domaine Meriwether
Siskiyou Vineyards>>Bear Creek Winery
Starr Winery>>Rachel’s Cellars
Stonewood Winery>>Bethel Heights
Tualatin Vineyards>>Willamette Valley Vineyards
Umpqua River Vineyards>>Denino Umpqua River
Umpqua Valley Winery>>Garden Valley Winery
Veritas Vineyards>>Chehalem Winery
Wasson Brothers Winery>>Buddha Kat Winery
Wild Winds Winery>>Sass Winery
William Hill Vineyards>>Van Duzer Winery


Fun Facts

The Pinot Noir grape is a genetically unstable varietal. Occasionally in a vineyard a vine may produce shoots that have characteristics unlike those on the rest of the vine. This is how new clones are discovered and developed.