Pioneering Oregon Wineries


Pheasant Valley
Vineyard & Winery
(2004- 2015)

Scott and Gail Hagee opened Pheasant Valley Winery in 2004. Their winery and eighty acres of vineyards were located in the beautiful Columbia River gorge near Hood River.    They had about twenty years of experience growing certified organic apples and pears and wanted to take that experience and grow organic wine grapes.  Pheasant Valley Vineyard & WineryThey succeeded and their first organic Pinot Noir won a gold medal against traditionally grown Pinots at the Northwest Wine Summit in 2007. In addition to Pinot Noir they grew Tempranillo, Syrah, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer and other grapes sourced from the Columbia Valley.

Pheasant Valley Wine GlassTheir tasting room with a massive rock fireplace, outdoor covered patio, and majestic views of Mt. Hood was very popular with their customers.

In 2015 Pheasant Valley was sold to HIYU Wine Farm.

As a trivia note, an investor in Pheasant Valley with the Hagee’s was “Sex and the City” actor Jason Lewis who is the nephew of Scott and Gail Hagee.


Fun Facts

As a further trivia note, during the 1950’s the yodeling stars, the Fraunfelders, owned the Pheasant Valley property. At that time it was named Mel-o-dee Ranch. If any readers are seriously interested they can check out The family had quite a career which included Schlitz beer ads and yodeling work for the Disney show “Snow White”.